Building inspections after the earthquake in Zagreb

March 31, 2020 – We are proud of our Board member and Procurator Željko Koren, who, as a certified civil engineer, has for days now been inspecting the damage to buildings caused by the devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb 8 days ago. 

The situation, he says, is difficult. As many as 500 volunteer civil engineers have gathered to help people where it is most urgent. In doing so, he emphasizes, they do not only do their engineering part of the job but also provide “psychotherapy”, as the people are in a very difficult situation. 

Željko expects that they will need at least another week or two until they have visited all the facilities.

We at Oikon re pleased that at least in this way we were able to help our fellow citizens and the City of Zagreb in this difficult situation. 💙

Oikon d.o.o.

Oikon d.o.o.