Contract for the development of a monitoring program for freshwater fish

February 28, 2022 – in addition to the four contracts recently signed for the development of monitoring programs under the OPCC project “Development of Monitoring Systems for Species and Habitat Types”, Oikon has signed another contract with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development for Group 8: “Development of a Monitoring Program for Freshwater Fish with Capacity Building of Stakeholders in the Monitoring and Reporting System”.

The joint venture, consisting of the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb, Oikon, Aquatika – Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac, the Croatian Ichthyological Society and DHP Conservation from the Czech Republic, will develop a monitoring program for 48 freshwater fish species for which the Republic of Croatia is obliged to report to the EU under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive, as well as capacity building of stakeholders in the monitoring and reporting system.

The project will run until September 2023 and includes the development of a work plan for the implementation of the contract, the identification of the reference conservation status for freshwater fish, the development and testing of the proposed conservation status monitoring programs for freshwater fish, and the training of stakeholders (monitoring and reporting system) for the monitoring of the conservation status of freshwater fish.

A good monitoring system consists of technically sound and reviewed monitoring programs (protocols) that define the methodology for data collection, processing, and analysis of species and habitat types, IT systems for data management, and stakeholder capacity. The system established in this way will ensure the quality of fulfilment of the Republic of Croatia’s legal obligations, but will also contribute significantly to the planning and direction of nature conservation and sustainable development in the Republic of Croatia.

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