Development of 50 EMPs with environmental mitigation measures for 50 level crossings

Project name: Development of 50 environmental management plans with environmental mitigation measures and ways of removing and disposing of the existing elements and construction waste within the EMP Checklist for 50 level crossings necessary for the implementation of the project Development of Main Designs to secure 50 level crossings funded by a World Bank loan no. HR-8500, and as part of the Project of Sustainable Croatian Railways in Europe (Ref.No. SUCRE-HZI-CS-CQS-

Client: ŽPD Inc. Zagreb
Period: 01/2017 – 07/2018  
Funding: World Bank
Location: Croatia

Preparation of 50 environmental management plans (EMP Checklists) compiled in accordance with World Bank standards for Category B projects included:

  1. data about the project and description of the project,
  2. location information and site location description,
  3. a description of possible significant impacts on the environment, during construction and / or use of the project
  4. a proposal for environmental protection measures.
  5. assessment of acceptability of the project on the ecological network
  6. compliance with sanitary and technical conditions, noise protection conditions and protection of immovable cultural heritage.
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