Donation to the PROMicro project

9th October 2017 − Considering investments in knowledge and innovation to be very important, OIKON financially supported the PROMikro initiative which has the aim of introducing digital literacy into Croatian school curriculum.

The PROMikro project is worth HRK 4.5 million and was initiated by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet in cooperation with the Institute for Development and Innovation of the Youth – IRIM, and with the support of the Ministry of Science and Education. The plan is to ensure the supply of 45,000 microcomputers for elementary schools in Croatia and provide training for teachers in the use of microcomputers.

We are happy that we could contribute to this valuable initiative that is of utmost importance to our children and the future of our country.

Photo: CARNet
Oikon d.o.o.

Oikon d.o.o.