Program of the rehabilitation measures within the sanitary protection zones in Istria within the DRINKADRIA project

Project name: Program of the rehabilitation measures within the sanitary protection zones in Region of Istria for existing buildings and existing activities within project: Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region – DRINKADRIA 1*STR./0004 – OP IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 1*STR./0004/FB6/Tender_01

Client: Istria County
Period: 12/2014 – 01/2016
Funding: IPA
Location: Istria, Croatia

This program is part of the DRINKADRIA (Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region). The project was carried out in the framework of the IPA ADRIATIC Cross-border Cooperation Programme (CBC 2007-2013.).

The purposes of this contract were to:

  • Analyze the current state of water resources based on measures defined in the Decision on protection of drinking water protection zones and Spatial planning documentation, and to place the results of those analyses in correlation with the legislation of Croatia and the EU.
  • Define and determine the risks of possible threats to the quality of drinking water, to propose measures to limit those risks and protect the identified vulnerable areas.
  • Make an analysis of drinking water demand.
  • Define indicators for determining the risk of shortages in capacity of drinking water in the Region of Istria.
  • Propose measures and adequate monitoring of karst aquifers in order to provide their sustainable use and protection in the future, taking into account the additional knowledge about the functioning of karst aquifers in extreme hydrological conditions.
  • Propose joint water supply system improvement.
  • Define the needs for further harmonization of national legislation with the WFD (2000/60), and to establish protocols in case of contamination of the aquifer, extending on both sides of the frontier Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Croatia.
  • Revise sanitary protection zones (aligned with the cadastre) and include the areas on which micro zoning was carried out in sanitary protection zones.
  • Develop GIS sanitary protection zones with all the relevant components of the environment and pressures in sanitary protection zones.
  • Inform and educate the public in order to increase public understanding of the importance of water protection (presentation of project results to college and high school population, as well as through two press conferences).

Services provided:

  • Analysis of water resources and drinking water demand
  • Determination of possible threats to the quality of drinking water
  • Proposal of measures and monitoring of karst aquifers
  • Proposal of improvements to the joint water supply system
  • Revision of sanitary protection zones and development of GIS maps
  • Informing and educating the public

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