Environmental and Social Compliance Report for the MARS project

October 31, 2018 – Oikon has completed the Environmental and Social Compliance Report of the “Implementing Agencies’” (HC, HAC and ARZ) management systems and operations, which is a part the project Modernization and Restructuring of the Road Sector (MARS). The project is funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

The report contains four main themes:

  1. Organization and operation of established environmental management systems for the overall environmental protection
  2. Preservation of the environment and compliance with environmental regulations in planning and construction
  3. Compliance with environmental regulations and maintenance standards of (road) infrastructure and other regular operational activities
  4. Land acquisition practices for the company’s overall activities and its compliance with national legislation and EU legislation.

The document was published on the website of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and the operators and was referred to a public hearing.

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Oikon d.o.o.