Field research experience with the Oikon team

1st December 2017 − Thanks to the excellent response to Oikon’s invitation for participation in field research, three young biologists have already spent a day with the Oikon team where they have learned a lot and had a good time. Here’s what they said:


“Looking for potential speleological objects in a forest is not particularly exciting to me, but after learning why we were doing it, I did not mind anymore because such field research is important! 

Planning a field research route always requires time, and since we managed to go through the entire route planned for that day and had enough time for rest and talk, I must say that the tour was well planned. 🙂

During the search for speleological objects in the forest, orientation was not a problem because every one of us got a GPS device. Thanks to the teamwork and communication among all the participants, it was easier to cope with challenges such as passing through thorns and browsing the rocky sinkholes. All in all, I’m glad I was part of Oikon’s team for a day and that I had the chance to meet some of Oikon’s employees, to hear what they do and to see what their day looks like during field research.”

− Ana T.


“Oikon’s team has enabled me to experience field research in Croatia for the first time because all my previous experience had been purely educational or from abroad. I had the chance to practice something I learned about only in theory, for example, using GIS in field research. The field research was tense, but also very instructive and fun. I am grateful that I could experience it and I would like to do it again.”

− Lara I.


“The field research was really great, fun and instructive at the same time. It was performed in order to find potential speleological objects. The weather was wonderful and the team was great! 🙂 There should be more such opportunities for young people to experience field research in practice with experts and to see how they work. Only in these situations can we apply the knowledge we learned during our studies 🙂 .”

− Zoran Š.



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