ForBioEnergy – the 1st thematic workshop

1st December 2017 − the first thematic workshop for the project “ForBioEnergy” – Forest Bioenergy in the Protected Mediterranean Areas took place on the premises of the Velebit Nature Park.

The workshop was intended for key decision makers and the expert community. The lectures were held by Oikon’s researcher Alena Berta, PhD and professor Željko Zečić from the Faculty of Forestry in connection with the threats and benefits of obtaining biomass as well as its processes. Afterwards, the experts present and with the moderation of Slivija Zec (secretary of HKIŠDT), were actively involved in defining obstacles, threats,  solutions and benefits in the process of obtaining biomass in protected areas.

The aim of the project is to answer the question: How to ensure, improve and accelerate the entire bioenergy process with the aim of exploiting the full potential of (protected) areas, ensuring sustainable development, without jeopardising biodiversity and other forest functions?

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