Forest management plans in Croatia

Project name: Forest management plans in Croatia

Client: Croatian Forest Advisory Agency (Forest Extension Services), Hrvatske šume (legatee of Croatian Forest Advisory Agency)

Period: 09/2007 – 11/2014

Location: Croatia

The aim of the project was preparation of management plans for private owned forests throughout Croatia in yearly cycles. Our company has created 37 management plans in Karlovac County, Varaždin County, Krapina-Zagorje County, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Lika-Senj County, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Split-Dalmatia County and Istria County for area of 69.740 ha. Preparation of management plans includes review and approval by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Culture (if there are some protected areas inside management units).

The work on the project included:

Preparation phase – collecting data from land archive, preparation of digital orthophoto, interpretation of orthophoto, design of forest partitioning on compartments and stands, preparation of working map, design of sample plots for forest inventory.

Terrain work: marking borders (management units, compartments and stands), collecting inventory data, measurements on sample plots (tree species, diameter, height, description of relief, overall health and significant details), collecting data for preparation of soil map, collecting data for preparation of habitat (vegetation) map, surveying of borders, paths and roads etc.

Finalising work: data calculation (stand quality assessment, stand structure assessment, yield assessment etc.), description of stands and natural site, calculation of felling budget, calculation of silvicultural treatments etc., preparation of maps. The main task in this is prescription of measures for forest stands treatment according to FSC standards (OIKON has certificate for producing forest management plans) and conservation of species and or habitats in line with the EU Birds and Habitats Directive as well.

Project deliverables included:

  • finished and approved management plans,
  • prepared and printed maps in 1:10.000 and 1:25.000 scale (including vegetation (habitat) map)
  • established GIS of management unit

Some forest units (in management plans) are part of Ecological network of Republic of Croatia (now Natura 2000). In addition to preparation of vegetation (habitat) map, for those forest units are in the forest management plans incorporated measures for protection of ecological network (Natura 2000).

Special tasks in preparation management plans were workshops for forest owners. For every management unit two workshops were organised. First one in preparation phase as introductory workshop on which forest owners have got all information about model, legal issues, possibilities and needs for forest management planning. On second workshop forest owners were informed about management plan draft. They were also asked about their vision about treatment of the forest utilisation and management at all, and trained about implementation of management plans.

Services provided:

  • cadastre investigation
  • preparation and interpretation of digital orthophoto
  • establishment of GIS
  • forest inventory
  • mapping of soil
  • mapping of vegetation
  • forestry calculations and assessments
  • calculation of felling budget, silvicultural treatments and game capacity for management unit
  • prescription of measures for forest stands treatment according to FSC standards
  • prescription of measures for forest stands treatment with aim to conserve species and or habitats in line with the EU Birds and Habitats Directive
  • preparation of management plan
  • map production
  • workshops for forest owners


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