International Conference 3-GREEN2018

8th June 2018 − This week the 3rd International scientific and expert conference “Natural resources, green technology and sustainable development / 3-GREEN2018“ was held in Zagreb with the aim to bring together leading experts in the field from around the world to present recent achievements, share the latest developments and address the challenges.

Oikon’s experts participated in the conference and held presentations about remote sensing:

  • Nela Jantol, mag. oecol. et prot. nat., presented different approaches to remote sensing of burned forest areas using Sentinel 2 imagery;
  • Davor Korman, mag. oecol., talked about improving accuracy of Sentinel 2 based forest biomass assessment models by Integrating Sentinel 1 data and additional environmental variables using various machine learning algorithms;
  • Alen Berta, PhD explained classification of tree species in Central Croatian forests using Sentinel 2 data and data mining.

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