New AAA Creditworthiness Certificate for 2020

November 10, 2020 – we are pleased to announce that we have achieved excellent business results this year and have once again been awarded the internationally recognized AAA Creditworthiness Certificate.

We are extremely proud of the fact that in our sector “Other research and experimental development in natural, technical and technological sciences”, only Oikon reached internationally recognized standards of AAA creditworthiness among other 291 registered companies.

Furthermore, the criteria were even stricter this year due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, its negative effects on the economy and the uncertain market situation, making our achievement even more significant.

“I am proud of our entire Oikon team for doing their jobs diligently, professionally and, above all, with quality, and that they have very quickly adapted to the new situation with the pandemic so that business would not suffer. The results are visible, and this certificate is the proof. Many of our associates and partners in Croatia and abroad have, over the past 22 years, have recognized Oikon as a safe, respectable and desirable partner,” said Oikon’s director, Dalibor Hatić.

Bisnode is a leading European analytical company that has been awarding creditworthiness certificates of in 19 European countries for more than 30 years.

Oikon d.o.o.

Oikon d.o.o.