OIKON member of Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia Association

June 10, 2020 — OIKON has become a proud member of Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia Association (OIEH) — an economic and interest association that brings together producers of electricity from renewable sources with 80% of the total installed capacity and the only ones available in Croatia.

In the past 22 years of operations, OIKON has participated in numerous RES projects and has participated in shaping the Croatian wind and solar energy industry and creating preconditions for the decarbonisation of the Croatian energy sector by providing professional and science-based layouts and documents and participating in the implementation of decision-making procedures on the acceptability of the project for the environment.

“We joined the Association because we think we have a place there (natural environment). In Oikon we always see the future in the present and it is here in the present that we strive to change for the better.

There is no doubt that the transition to renewable energy is unstoppable and we want to work with everyone who encourages and accelerates it, and OIEH is important because it brings together the most important developers with whom we want to work together to “green” energy production and decarbonise society.

Our joint efforts are not only local because each locality contributes to the achievement of a wider network of goals. In this case, all the goals of sustainable development and the goal of 1.5°C, not to mention the goals of the EU Green Deal. In this, we all need a positive and serious approach that the OIEH has nurtured from the very beginning in addressing environmental and nature protection issues during the development of RES projects and their exploitation. For our part, we can offer expertise, interdisciplinarity, creativity and a responsible approach”, said Dalibor Hatić, director of OIKON.

“There are several challenges ahead of us. The first is the fight against climate change and attempts to reduce harmful emissions, with renewable energy sources playing a key role, and the second is the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. In order to reconcile these two challenges, we must act together because only in this way can we reach the best solutions. Good strategic planning can avoid a negative impact on the environment, so all stakeholders must be involved because only in this way can we achieve a ‘win-win’ situation in which production capacities can be built and not be harmful to the environment. I am convinced that with Oikon in our association we will make the energy production ‘greener’ and contribute to the goals of sustainable development through joint efforts”, said OIEH Director Maja Pokrovac.

For more information, please visit: https://oie.hr/oikon-institut-za-primijenjenu-ekologiju-novi-partner-i-clan-udruzenja-oieh/

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