Head of Department: Željko Koren, M.Sc. Civ. Eng., CE, PMP

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Department of Environmental Engineering is a leader in the field of environmental engineering and a major provider of environmental impact assessments (EIA) and strategic impact assessments (SEA), together with the accompanying mitigation measures and monitoring programs.

The specialties of one of our portfolio segments, environment protection, for example, are large infrastructural developments for which we have participated in a number of different services in the last 19 years:

  • Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) for over 1,000 km of freeways and their variants – approximately 80% of newly built freeways  in Croatia and BIH;
  • Hundreds of km of highways – approximately 30% of newly built freeways;
  • Hundreds of km of railways – approximately 80% of newly built or planned railways;
  • Almost 1,000 km of high pressure gas pipelines;
  • Numerous other mayor infrastructure projects, such as transmission lines and wind farms
  • More than 20 Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • Over 520 environmental protection projects in total

This demonstrates that we have unparalleled experience in developing EIA’s (more than 300) for such developments in Croatia and the region.

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Oikon d.o.o.