Acknowledgement for significant contribution to the work of Croatian Ecological Society (HED)

April 9, 2019 – At the ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of its continuous work, Croatian Ecological Society (HED) awarded two plaques as acknowledgement of significant contribution to the work of the Society. Both of them were given to two of our staff – Vladimir Kušan, PhD and prof. Milorad Mrakovčić, PhD.

Photos by Croatian Ecological Society

Professor Sven Jelaska, President of HED, and Associate Professor Sanja Gottstein, Vice-President of HED, also proclaimed honorary members and awarded acknowledgments to experts and institutions for their work and contribution to the Society.

Croatian Ecological Society was founded on April 9, 1969 with the aim of promoting, popularizing and advancing all branches of ecological science, gathering citizens dealing with ecology as science and protection of nature and the environment, encouraging the promotion of teaching from the field of activity at all levels of education, and professional training of its members.

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