Panel discussion on sustainability reporting at the 14th Conference on Sustainable Development

October 5, 2022 – As part of the 14th Conference on Sustainable Development held in Zagreb on October 4-5, 2022, our head of the Department of Nature Protection and Landscape Architecture and sustainable development expert, Andreja Pavlović, moderated a panel discussion on Cross-cutting and Governance Standards for Sustainability Reporting (CSRD framework).

During the panel discussion, she focused on the following key questions:

  1. conflicting objectives and requirements brought by the new European sustainability reporting standard, with its focus on short, medium and long-term value creation, versus the prevailing focus on short-term shareholder value maximization – increase of total shareholder payouts and decline of capital expenditures.
  2. corporate governance practices and the lack of strategic perspective over sustainability, which makes it impossible to identify and manage the risks and impacts associated with sustainability, particularly with regard to environmental risks and impacts
  3. the importance of a culture of ethics and integrity for sustainable business operations
  4. the current practice of ESG reporting by companies listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange
  5. the dangers of greenwashing and the impact of misleading green marketing on the transparency and credibility of sustainability information as a major regulatory and market challenge.

You can watch the recording of the first day of the conference and the panel discussion on cross-sector and management standards for sustainability reporting (CSRD framework) here:

–> The panel begins at 3:25:10.

This is the presentation that served as a background for the panel:


On the second day of the conference, Andreja Pavlović also gave a presentation entitled The Holy Grail of Sustainability Reporting: double materiality, which she prepared together with Martina Kolovrat from Oikon and which was met with great interest from the participants. During the presentation, they confronted the participants with the concept of double materiality as it is still defined in the working version of EFRAG, the body responsible for developing the European Standard for Sustainability Reporting, and wished us all success in preparing sustainability reports in the face of the complex new requirements.

You can watch the recording of the second day of the conference and Andreja’s presentation here:

–> The presentation starts at 6:19:32.

The presentation document can be viewed here:


The Conference on Sustainable Development is one of the largest and most important events in Croatia on this subject, providing information on trends in sustainable development and socially responsible business, regulations in this area and examples of best practices for the fourteenth time. The conference is organized by HR PSOR – Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

More information:

Photo authors: Igor Šeler and Siniša Uštulica, Photo source: HR PSOR.

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