The Pollutant Emission Register (ROO) – development, implementation and technical support

Project name: The Pollutant Emission Register (ROO) – development, implementation and technical support

Client: Croatian Environment Protection Agency
Period: 07/2008 – ongoing
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

During 2008 and 2009, Oikon developed the Pollutant Emission Register application for the CEA covering air, water and soil/waste pollution. It was a web-based application fully integrated in the Agency’s National Environment IS. From 2012 till now the system has been developed continuously adding new functionalities and building a national web GIS portal based on Croatian PRTR EU requirements and    Technical support and preventive and corrective maintenance for the application has been provided ever since.

The Pollutant Emission Register (ROO) – Registry of Environmental Pollution is a database on sources, type, amount, manner and place of discharge, transfer and disposal of pollutants and waste into the environment. It was developed as .NET WEB application with Microsoft SQL database as storage solution.

The Solution can be run in cluster spanning across several servers during peak usage hours. This scalability needed to be provided as the expected number of users is between 6000 and 10000.

19 main data entry forms, each of which contains tens of data entry fields totaling in more than 400 different entry fields needed to be developed to cover air, water, soil (waste) of pollution. 10 forms for data validation/verification were added to make sure the entered data can be used for accurate state of environment reporting as well as for inspection purposes. 10 forms related to system administration and security were developed to enable administration, control and usage on national and county level.

The Oikon team developed custom query tool managing 4 classes of custom queries, 15 parametrized queries, 10 predefined queries and 61 reports related to water, soil and air pollution. Currently,  the Oikon team is providing technical end end-user support for ROO’s more than 10000 end users.

Services provided:

  • IT design and programming
  • Relational database logical and physical design, implementation and maintenance
  • Spatial and thematic data attributes field checking, validation and verification
  • Predefined and ad-hoc reports development and implementation based on ISZO relational database queries
  • Technical documentation writing
  • Project administration
  • Technical support and trouble shooting
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