Services for the COAST project – Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Dalmatian Coast through Greening Coastal Development

Project name: Services for the COAST project – Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Dalmatian Coast through Greening Coastal Development

Client: UNDP Resident Representative Office in Croatia
Period: 06/2009 – 06/2011
Funding: UNDP
Location: Croatia

The overall objective of the UNDP COAST project is to ensure that the development of the Croatian coast is environmentally friendly, with the conservation of biological diversity firmly mainstreamed into that development.

Activities were performed through three contracts:

  1. The specific objective of Terrestrial Biodiversity Mapping – habitat mapping project was to establish comprehensive and accurate baseline data for habitats over the five identified priority biodiversity areas.
  2. The landscape inventarisation, typology and assessment methodology on four selected demo-sites was developed and tested in the Inventory and Sustainable Use of Landscape Diversity in Project Demo-Sites project.
  3. Integration of the National Ecological Network and Natura 2000 in coastal area management which consists of three subprojects:
    • Detailed elaboration of the National ecological network (NEN): proposals for integration of nature protection measures into physical plans & proposals for sustainable use with the main objective to develop and promote an integrated planning approach by incorporating biodiversity conservation, landscape protection and ecological network measures (NEN and NATURA 2000, respectively). The developed approach was elaborated through guidelines and tested on two pilot areas. In addition, the guidelines for Nature Impact Assessment of spatial plans were developed and tested.
    • Support to the State Institute for Nature Protection (SINP) on introduction of Nature Impact Assessment (NIA) practices in coastal areas was conducted through the development and implementation of the manual for NIA of projects. All possible planned wind power locations were tested on compliance with ecological network (NEN and NATURA 2000, respectively) conservation objectives along the Dalmatian coast. The manual for NIA of projects was implemented on one wind power project.
    • Inventarisation and mapping of Natura 2000 habitat types of natural beaches in Dalmatia included inventory and mapping of extremely threatened coastal habitats.

Services provided:

  • Habitats inventarisation and mapping
  • Landscape inventarisation, typological classification and evaluation
  • Cartographic preparation of maps
  • Development of various manuals with guidelines of NIA
  • Wind power plant location assessment
  • Analysis of two spatial plans and detection of the possible collision regarding biodiversity, landscape and ecological network conservation issues
  • Manual development
  • Public presentation and discussion of proposed methodologies and project results
  • Development of proposal to supplement legislation
  • Field work, aggregation of data in database and GIS
  • Communication and reporting
  • Project management

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