Start of internal training in the field of ecology

November 5, 2020 – In our Department of Nature Protection and Landscape Architecture, the work is in full swing. Apart from the fact that Oikon’s biggest department is currently working on several large and significant projects, there has also been a reorganization of work, which includes a series of internal trainings.

Our bird expert, Louie Taylor, started the series with a lecture on Passeriformes songbirds. He taught his colleagues how to recognize these birds, their morphological characteristics, ecological conditions and the specifics of individual species and genera. He also spoke about the diet, habitats and migration of common species and the threats to some endangered nesting birds in Croatia.

“I stand behind the idea that knowledge should be available to everyone and that the mutual exchange of knowledge makes us better experts. Creating a lecture for motivated people motivated me even more, and I was looking forward to the lecture in order to share my knowledge and, in the end, learn something new myself,” stated Louie.

Ksenija Hocenski, one of the attendees, added: “Ornithology as a scientific discipline requires a lot of effort, will, learning and days spent in bird watching. Oikon gives me the opportunity to start achieving my goal, providing me with a first-hand education from a young ornithologist like Louie. I am happy and grateful that such an opportunity comes right from my workplace. Through this training, I’m learning interesting facts about the large number and diversity of birds that come to our area, and from Louie I’m gaining field knowledge and the skill of recognizing birds. I am looking forward to the next lecture and I hope that soon I will be the one to pass on the knowledge to others about one of the most interesting and diverse groups of the animal world.”

What was the idea behind this training, we asked Head of the Department, Andreja Pavlović, who explained: “Continuous adoption and upgrading of knowledge and skills is necessary in order to maintain and improve our position of a leading consulting company in the field of applied ecology. As we can all learn from each other, I encourage our experts to design and conduct a series of internal training and to transfer their specific knowledge and experience in certain areas to their colleagues. I am glad that my colleagues in the Department accepted this gladly and that they are increasingly giving suggestions for internal training and possible improvements in order to be even better and of better quality in their work.”

The following lecture was given by Sanjin Hadžalić, who, for his colleagues in the office and online, covered systematic groups of songbirds. “I am glad to have had the opportunity to share knowledge about birds with colleagues from the Institute. I hope that this lecture left a good impression on the diversity and importance of our ornithofauna. I support initiatives on similar topics and look forward to new!,” said Sanjin.

We are looking forward to the next lecture. 😊

Oikon d.o.o.

Oikon d.o.o.