Instructions and recommendations for preventing the spread of Coronavirus infection

March 12, 2020 – We at OIKON place the health and safety of our employees, as well as the entire community in general, in the first place. Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and for the purpose of preventing the spread of the virus in our community, we have decided that from today on, all our employees will continue their work activities from home, except when this is not possible.

This decision should not have any impact on the performance of our work tasks since all our employees are enabled to work from home, both technically and legally. Internal meetings will take place regularly through online communication and video and phone calls.

All our employees have been promptly provided with “Instructions and Recommendations” on how they can reduce the risk of infection. The instructions and recommendations are grouped into four groups: work from home; general provisions when work from home is not possible; fieldwork; general recommendations.

We make this document publicly available in the hope that it could help society in the fight against the pandemic.

We are convinced that there is no need to panic, but in this situation, we must act responsibly and do everything we can to reduce the possibility of the coronavirus spreading.

We are closely monitoring the developments and recommendations of the competent authorities.

The document with instructions and recommendations in Croatian can be viewed here.

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Oikon d.o.o.