Andreja Pavlović is our new Head of Department of Nature Protection and Landscape Architecture

June 23, 2020 – We are very pleased to welcome Andreja Pavlović as the Head of our Department of Nature Protection and Landscape Architecture. Previously, she was a partner in Hauska & Partner, where she also served as a Management Board Member and a Senior Consultant.

Andreja is a communications expert with over 20 years of experience in strategic communications and public affairs, recognized for her unique consulting approach arising from her various areas of expertise, including the energy sector, environmental protection, waste management, energy efficiency, water protection, and stakeholder engagement in environmental decision making. She also has profound knowledge of 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and their importance, and role in the European Union’s aspiration to build a resilient and sustainable society.

“We believe that Andreja can greatly contribute to both the department and the company thanks to her extensive experience in environmental protection issues, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and her organisational and leadership skills. Her transfer to Oikon is very valuable to us and in line with our business goals”, explains the company’s CEO, Dalibor Hatić.

Andreja continues: “When I will think back to 2020, I will always remember it as a year of my greatest change. My decision to join Oikon is a part of my transformation; I want to explore new frontiers and test myself against new challenges.”

Andreja’s key areas of expertise:

Organizational and team development: identity and reputation, organisation and leadership development, organizational culture, collaboration and dialogue platforms, vertical development (sense-making), network thinking, empathy and collaboration.

Communication and public affairs strategy: environmental scanning, issues (problems) mapping, stakeholders mapping and participation, identification of risks and risk mitigation measures, strategy formulation and execution, evaluation, open and trustful relations, reputation and agenda setting, budget and project management, client satisfaction journey.

Foresight: identifying challenges and opportunities, context analysis and framing, searching for weak signals, identifying and working with different ways of thinking and bringing fresh perspectives, transformative scenarios and storytelling, results.

Sustainable development: VUCA world,Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management and communication, SDGs management and communication, EU and national policies, strategies and institutions, ethics, stakeholder engagement, dialogue and partnerships, facilitation and mitigation, awareness and behaviour change, non-financial reporting and materiality assessment.

Environmental communication: analytical reports, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Planning procedures, Environmental Plans and Reports, Aarhus Convention and Maastricht Recommendations, NIMBY, NIABY, NIMEY, facilitation of public discussions.

Key Leadership Contributions:

  • Initiated new stakeholder dialogue platform HGK_COR AKCELERATOR (SDG Acceleration platform) in the Croatian Chamber of the Economy and co-organized conference “We Sustain Sustainable” with 140+ sustainability participants and public gathering on climate change in Croatia with 50+ participants
  • Significantly contributed with strategic communication approach to stakeholder relations and public affairs to the positive EIA Certificate for the Adria LNG terminal project
  • Designed two transformative scenarios for HEP 2030 based on ‘what if’ assumptions, tested in interactive workshop resulting in third scenario of possible future
  • Enabled successful recovery of Danfoss tarnished reputation. The project won the Grand Prix Award of the Croatian Public Relations Association in the category of Communication Strategy.
  • Praised for excellent facilitation and dialogue skills during heated public discussions.
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