Celebration of 22 years of our service to society, nature and the environment

December 28, 2020 – the unusual and unpredictable 2020 is the year marked by many events, one of them being Oikon’s 22nd anniversary. And although the circumstances did not allow a great celebration worthy of achievement, we adapted to the situation and organized an online celebration with employees in which we all remembered the milestones in laughter and good spirit, finishing off with cake and champagne to virtually celebrate our mutual success.

And what exactly did we celebrate?

Well, like many good rock bands, Oikon also had its beginnings… in the garage. It was founded by a small group of engineers and scientists who identified the need and offered effective solutions to increasingly complex challenges in the field of nature and environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources. From 1998 until today, starting with 3 employees and 3 contracts, Oikon has developed into a leading consulting company / scientific institute in the field of environmental and nature protection in Croatia and the region, with more than 1,400 completed contracts, almost 50 employees, 4 institutes and 4 laboratories.

In these 22 years, our experts have performed environmental impact assessments for more than 1,000 km of freeways and their variants, or about 80% of newly built freeways in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; for hundreds of kilometres of highways and railways and for almost 1,000 km of main gas pipeline.

We performed habitat mapping of the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia and mapped in detail almost all Croatian protected areas, setting the standards in habitat mapping in Croatia. We have developed the CORINE Land Cover Database (CLC), forest management plans for 15 % of all Croatian privately owned forests, as well as the Environmental Pollution Register (ROO).

We participated in the EU integration project Natura 2000 (NIP), the largest project in Croatia related to the inventory of fauna, and for 3 years we provided technical assistance in strengthening the national nature protection system in the implementation of Natura 2000 requirements in Turkey.

Together with big European consulting companies and institutions, we are currently working on the largest European Earth observation project to date – EEA CLC + Backbone, and on large and demanding projects preventing the spread of invasive alien species in Croatia.

We have signed cooperation agreements with a number of significant companies and institutes, including Fraunhofer ITWM, part of the largest research organization for applied science in Europe, and the University of Salzburg, making us a UNIGIS study centre for nine Balkan countries.

We have won numerous awards and recognitions, we are holders of the “Croatian Quality” trademark, members of all important professional domestic and international associations and co-founders of some of them.

And we are not stopping here. We have big plans for the future. With the highest expertise of our team and state-of-the-art equipment, we will continue to grow and to ensure that development is sustainable and in harmony with nature.

Oikon d.o.o.

Oikon d.o.o.