Conceptual Design and EIA Study of the relocation of state road D206 – bypass Krapina-Tkalci II

Project name: Conceptual Design and Environmental Impact Assessment Study of the relocation of state road D206 (bypass Krapina-Tkalci II)

Client:  Hrvatske ceste Ltd. 
Period:  03/2015 – 12/2018
Funding: State budget
Location: Croatia

The project is the relocation of part of the state road DC206, length of 2 464 m. The route begins in a roundabout that crosses the junction DC206 with DC1, passes through the industrial zone of Krapina City and continues to Tkalci where it is connected to the existing state road DC206.

Environmental Impact Assessment is an integral segment of project documentation for location permit for that project. Environmental Impact Assessment provides information on the current state of the environment, potential significant impacts on the environment, proposal of environmental protection measures and environmental monitoring program.

Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment of the relocation of state road D206 (bypass Krapina-Tkalci II), included:

  1. information on the location and description of the location of the project (Data on current state of the environment: climatological aspects, air quality, hydrogeology and hydrology, forest ecosystems, soils and agricultural land, land use, game and hunting, natural and semi-natural ecosystems, visual quality of the landscape, cultural heritage, waste, noise as well as preparation of cartographic maps)
  2. the impacts assessment on the environmental components during the development and/or use of the project,
  3. environmental protection measures and monitoring program,
  4. public consultation
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment procedure which includes amendments to the Study according to the opinion of the Expert Advisory Committee, public consultation and meetings with all participants in the process.
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