The European Space Agency visit to Oikon

April 12, 2022 – The European Space Agency (ESA) delegate in charge of Croatia, Slovenia and Latvia, Mr. Karol Brzostowski and representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education and HAMAG-BICRO visited Oikon today where they got acquainted with our work, our project teams and discussed the possibility of further developing cooperation in the field of remote sensing.

Oikon has developed cooperation with ESA and is the only company in Croatia to have been approved as many as two project proposals within the first national ESA call in the Republic of Croatia, which are currently being implemented. The projects “Human-Induced Coastal Change Monitoring” and “Development of detection method for invasive plant species using Sentinel data” contribute to the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity and the development of space technology in Croatia.

The meeting was very successful. We presented our expertise in the field of remote sensing, our focus on nature and environmental conservation and our commitment to sustainable development and management of natural resources. Opportunities for the continuation and development of cooperation are significant, which is also recognized by our guests. Our current and future activities are largely focused on this goal,” explained Branimir Radun, Head of the Department of Natural Resources Management.

Karol Brzostowski, ESA delegate in charge of Croatia, Slovenia and Latvia, said after the meeting: “The presented scope of Oikon’s work and projects and huge heritage look very promising and allow to assess that the potential for working with space data (EO) is in your team! The contracts which were recently recommended by ESA and accepted by the Croatian Delegation for implementation are the best proof that we as ESA recognise the company as a good reliable partner with great potential to develop and deliver (to the customers) EO based Applications. We are looking forward to new ideas in the next calls!

We at Oikon look forward to continuing our cooperation with the European Space Agency and we continue to work on developing the capacity of the Republic of Croatia in the field of remote sensing.

Along with Karol Brzostowski, ESA’s leading person for our country, the meeting was also attended by Hrvoje Meštrić, Acting Director, Directorate for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Education (MZO); Doris Jozić, Delegate of the Republic of Croatia to the European Space Agency, MZO; Anita Šimić, Head of the Department for Preparation, Monitoring and Implementation of Scientific and Technological Policies, MZO; and Želimir Kramarić, member of the Management Board of HAMAG-BICRO.

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