Natura 2000 in Turkey

Project name: Technical Assistance for Strengthening the National Nature Protection System for implementation of NATURA 2000 Requirements (EuropeAid/134319/IH/SER/TR)

Client: Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Republic of Turkey
Period: 09/2015 – ongoing (09/2018)
Funding: IPA
Location: Turkey

The Technical Assistance Contract for the NATURA framework implementation in Turkey corresponds to a 36- month project for strengthening the institutional and technical capacity in Turkey in establishment of Natura 2000 Network. The objective of this project is to protect and enhance Turkey’s natural habitats and biodiversity. The purpose of this service contract is to strengthen the Institutional and Technical Capacity to Select and Design Natura 2000 Network in Turkey. Three results to deliver:

  1. Technical structure established to designate Natura 2000 sites in Turkey;
  2. Turkey’s IT infrastructure has all means to match the EU for Bird and Habitat Directives;
  3. Institutional Capacity regarding the Natura 2000 concept increased in Turkey.

Our intervention logic is based on an inclusive and phased approach, which ensures cooperation of all relevant stakeholders, including national, regional and local authorities, NGO, academia and nature conservationists. Since the Systematic Conservation Planning methodology is the accepted method for site designation in Turkey at the moment, the approaches and methods within this methodology will need to be reconciled with the current practice of site designation in the EU.

Our implementation approaches across the 3 component areas are as follows:

Phase 1: A stepwise approach, whereby the process of the designation of the sites will be gradually prepared accompanied by the development of guidance materials, expert meetings, workshops and national and biogeographical seminars, based on the best available data and expert knowledge;

Phase 2: The current biodiversity database (Noah’s Ark) is integrated within the Natura 2000 database;

Phase 3: A training needs assessment questionnaire is prepared and agreed with the Steering Committee. Classroom training is considered when training needs are homogenous and many people require training and individual coaching and guidance is considered when needs are heterogeneous. Training-on–the-job is delivered to accomplish actual practice results.

Services provided:

  • Development of Natura 2000 database
  • GIS database
  • Defining bioogeographical region
  • Classify vegetation cover
  • Generate spatial data sets of biodiversity values
  • Visibility and Communications
  • Develop a module for vegetation/habitat codes data exchange
  • Organisation of study visits
  • Practical tools – training courses, guidelines, manuals
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