OIKON donated valuable data to the City of Petrinja for the purpose of recording the earthquake consequences

May 3, 2021 – A devastating earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on the Richter scale that hit Petrinja and its surroundings on December 29 last year caused significant infrastructural damage and instantly changed the lives of thousands of people. Immediately after the earthquake, we at Oikon prepared and published the analysis of ground displacement in the area, and now we prepared and donated to the City of Petrinja spatial data necessary for the preparation of documentation for objective records of earthquake consequences, compensation claims, reconstruction planning, project documentation and development of applications for various fund financing of reconstruction works. The market value of this donation is around 32 000 EUR. The donation consists of a detailed UAV photogrammetric survey, photogrammetric shooting with a drone, the production of orthophoto maps of high spatial resolution (3-5 cm), and the production of 3D models of the entire urban area.

Eight experts participated in the project of aerial photogrammetric survey recording of the city of Petrinja and subsequent office processing of the recorded material, with the use of state-of-the-art and modern equipment. The entire work was performed with the support of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the approval of the competent authorities of the city government, the State Geodetic Administration, the competent authorities regulating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as all geodetic standards prescribed for this type of work.

The data were submitted in digital form and as such are suitable for further processing. Given that these are products with a high level of accuracy and resolution, the submitted layouts can be used in all aspects when planning and implementing the reconstruction of the city, as well as subsequent monitoring and analysis of changes. All layouts are certified by a certified geodetic engineer and can be used as base maps during field geodetic surveys, or as a supplement to any project documentation,” explained Branimir Radun, graduate and certified engineer of geodesy and geoinformatics and head of the Department of Natural Resources Management in Oikon, and added: “We are happy and glad that we were able to use our knowledge and resources for this purpose and we hope that the City of Petrinja will successfully use the submitted data and imagery recordings for the reconstruction of the city.

OIKON is a leading licensed and accredited consulting company / research institute in the field of applied ecology in Croatia and the region, and remote sensing and geographic information systems are one of our specialties.

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