Velebit area accessibility

26th July 2018 − Here’s an interesting byproduct of the analysis we are doing. On the map you can see the result of a raster analysis showing how many minutes of walk it takes from the roads in the Velebit Nature Park (a part of it is in Zadar County) to a certain point.

The analysis was done according to the project methodology within the FORBIOENERGY project, where it was determined that a person can overcome 400 m of altitude in an hour’s walk.

This method of course also has limitations as it observes the shortest horizontal distance from a certain point to the road and this condition applies to forest workers/cutters.

However, as it respects the relief and spatial layout of the road, it can serve as an additional tool when assessing the direction of movement and the extent of the overcrowded terrain in the unit of time during a rescue search or in determining the nearest takeover point when carrying a rescued person.

For example, we see that the farthest areas of the road are available within a 2-hour time frame, while for the area of ​​Paklenica National Park or for the area below the Vaganski peak, there is a need for 4 hours of continuous and straightforward walk in one direction.

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Oikon d.o.o.