Oikon at Climathon Zagreb

26-27 October 2018 – Oikon’s team participated in this year’s Climathon that took place in the Zagreb Innovation Centre (ZICER). The topic that Nela, Ivona, Jelena, Nebojša and Branimir presented was the Analysis of Critical Microlocation of Thermal Islands in the City of Zagreb. In the 24 hours that the event lasted, they learned some … Continued

Presentation on oak lace bug in Brussels

17th October 2018 − Last week in Brussels, Belgium, Oikon representatives held a presentation of the study on oak lace bug and its spread across Croatia as well as the measures taken by the Republic of Croatia to prevent the spread. The presentation / lecture was held at one of the most important committees of the European … Continued

13th Croatian Biological Congress

19-23 September 2018 – 13th Croatian Biological Congress with International Participation, organized by Croatian Biological Society, took place in Poreč. It is a traditional congress that takes place every third year and has been gathering biologists from different fields of biological science for over 35 years now. Six of Oikon’s experts participated in the Congress, … Continued

Life with bears – 26th International Conference on Bear Research and Management

21 September 2018 − two of our experts, Monika Petković and Marko Augustinović, participated in “Life with bears – 26th International Conference on Bear Research and Management” which took place from 16 to 21 September 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The main theme of the conference, which gathered over 250 bear researchers and bear managers, was human-bear coexistence in human … Continued

8th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing

14 September 2018 – Our expert Davor Korman spent five days at the University of Leicester participating at the 8th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA). He learned about the application of radar and optical satellite sensors in the field of environmental science, land cover mapping, forest … Continued

TAIEX workshop in Graz

11 September 2018 − our environmental expert Božica Šorgić, PhD participated in a two-day workshop on air quality TAIEX-EIR P2P that took place in Graz, Austria. She was one of 85 experts from 13 EU countries who exchanged their experience and good practice on air pollution reduction. The main areas addressed were particulate matter and NO2, … Continued

ESA EO Summer School 2018

10 August 2018, Frascati, Italy − How to monitor sea level rise, what are the dynamics of ice melting in Antartica, what makes sea color, carbon cycle on Earth, how to see stress in plants – these topics and many more were in focus at the European Space Agency Summer School 2018 (ESRIN) where our employee … Continued

Natura 2000 Database Launch Event in Ankara

27 July 2018 − As part of the project “Technical Assistance For Strengthening the National Nature Protection System for Implementation of Natura 2000 Requirements”, the Database Launch Event was held in Ankara, Turkey where we presented a database and applications developed for the establishment of the Natura 2000 ecological network in Turkey. Our experts Siniša Tkalčec … Continued

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